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Crime-Pics II is a widely used, fully validated questionnaire (c. M&A Research) for examining, and detecting changes in, offenders' attitudes to offending. It has been used for many years by academics and by a variety of public, private and voluntary sector organisations, including the prison and probation services in England and Wales, to evaluate the effectiveness of rehabilitative programmes and other interventions with offenders.

Examples of studies and evaluations which have used Crime-Pics II are available here


Orders will continue to be handled by Janet Whitley. Please see the contact information for details.

The Crime-Pics II scoring tool is available to download (currently version 1.1).

For an abstract of a recent study using CRIME-PICS II to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Enhanced Thinking Skills programme, visit the Australian & New Zealand journal of criminology.


M&A also produce CRIAQ, a questionnaire for measuring impulsivity and aggression.

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