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Key consultants

Terry Honess. Director of M&A Research. Professor of Psychology, City, University of London. Chartered Psychologist. Specialisms: Programme evaluation. Ethnicity, and youth studies. Decision making in the Criminal Justice System (especially juries).

Michael Levi. Professor of Criminology, Cardiff University. Specialisms: Economic and organised crime, including money laundering, and all types of fraud from City finance to credit card and social security fraud.

Michael Maguire. Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Cardiff University. Specialisms: Policing and criminal investigation. Crime pattern analysis. Prisons, Probation and resettlement.

Ken Pease. Formerly Professor of Criminology, University of Huddersfield. Chartered psychologist. Specialisms: Crime trends and crime prevention. Drug control programmes. Violent crime.

Neil Frude. Professor of Psychology, University of Glamorgan. Chartered Clinical Psychologist. Specialisms: Aggression against professionals. Domestic violence. Workplace stress and morale. Programme evaluation.

Individually and collectively the group have considerable involvement in a range of research and advisory roles for a variety of organisations, especially the Home Office.

Specialists in Criminal Justice Research and Evaluation

The M&A research group was established in 1991. The group is comprised of five key consultants and draws on others, as required, from within and outside the University sector. This network allows us to establish a research team specifically geared to the needs of a particular project. Members of the group have also developed instruments to measure attitudes to offending (CRIME-PICS II) and impulsivity and aggression (CRIAQ).