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There is an ever increasing number of documents and publications involving CRIME-PICS II. The following is an indicative list. The user is encouraged to make specific searches using their institutional facilities. Alternatively, Google Scholar provides a freely and readily available search facility.

The international scope of CRIME-PICS now includes Australasia, China, and the Indian subcontinent as well as Europe. Its use extends beyond the original adult offending population, and is now being used with all offending types of all ages.

CRIME-PICS II was one of the key psychometric instruments used in two major studies of the effectiveness of offending behaviour programmes published in 2009 and 2010. In McDougall et al (2009), a robustly designed randomised control trial, it demonstrated significant levels of change in prisoners attending the Enhanced Thinking Skills programme. In Sadlier (2010), it was used in propensity score matching of prisoners taking ETS and a non-treated comparison group. This was one of the first re-offending studies to include dynamic as well as static factors in matching.

An example of its international use is the validation of Chinese version undertaken by Professor Wing Hong Chui and colleagues of the City University of Hong Kong. CRIME-PICS II has good internal consistency and test–retest reliability, as well as evidence of construct, concurrent, discriminant, and predictive validity. They conclude that the instrument has "great potential utility in the context of the Chinese criminal justice system". The abstract and article are available here.

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